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Written By TheOneWhoSketches

"There's a period of life when we swallow a knowledge of ourselves and it becomes either good or sour inside." ~Pearl Bailey

*tap* *click* *tap* *click* *tap*

The sounds of the keyboard could be heard through the small house as Mark typed away. He was finally had the confidence to post his sketch titled "Who Lies Within Your Heart & Stomach?" onto the his blog, an original vore piece. He has always kept quiet about this fetish, except for one occasion which didn't end well, but that's a story for a different chapter. After typing the description, info, and tagging it, he puts his finger on enter to post it, but not pressing it down. He knows most of the people he knows will see it including his family, friends, and neighbors. "Moment of truth" Mark says and presses down enter.

Mark leaves the desk finally to get reactions, he walks out back to his pond finding Sydney, his pet caiman, basking in the in the sun on a rock. All the neighbors describe the household as "lonesome", "strange", and even "ominous". Mark finds the first and last claims to be false, the household and inhabitants are peculiar at the least. He loves taking care of exotic pets which includes:
Edgar - a Raven he rescued at birth, he's taught it to speak poetry, Sydney - a 13 foot caiman who is a gentle girl, even when hungry she doesn't disturb the koi fish and even Red in the pond, she'll occasionally get a raccoon that tries to eat the koi not realizing that she's there, last but not least there's Red - a giant Red-Tailed Catfish that just showed up one day, she hasn't eaten a koi since she was younger, now she is well fed on frogs, feeder fish, whatever meat Sydney can't get to fast enough, and has eaten a duck before, she would probably try and eat Sydney if she was big enough.

Mark feels his phone blowing up, the picture has received nothing but negative comments so far like "Wow Mark, just wow" or "so do you also get a hard on for pregnant chicks to #weirdAF". Mark a little torn from the negative reviews from his peers decides to go inside and delete it, as he pulls up the page, he sees there is one like on the picture. Surprised, Mark clicks to see who it is, a user by the name of CarnivorousCurves liked the picture, and then comments "Wish my belly was that big right now, I'm so starved, maybe you could be my prey? Sure could use a good belly rub too TheOneWhoSketches ;)"

Mark's heart jumps a bit as he reads the comment over and over again "Maybe I will" he whispers to himself. He clicks send not me to CarnivorousCurves, he types an entire message, decides it's bad, so he deletes and starts over. He repeats this a few times before finally just saying "hey" and sending it. He immediately regrets it and this of what you'll say... or won't say. He gets up from the computer scared that she won't send a response, and sits on the couch. Edgar flies onto Mark's shoulder "You think she'll respond?" He asks the raven, he regrettably gives the first part of the response that was given in the Raven "Never" Edgar says, Mark puts his head in one hand, after a minute the phone vibrates "it's for you" Edgar caws, he reaches to the phone "CarnivorousCurves:new message" it notifies on the lock screen.

Mark opens his phone the message reads "Hi Mark, it says your name at the top :p, I'm Anna, it's nice to eat you... I mean meat you ;)"Mark replies "It's nice to meet you as well, thank you for liking my picture, it makes me feel good that the paper and ink weren't wasted."A few seconds later another message from Anna "I loved it, the way her belly just surrounded the prey, makes me jealous for her, I'm still hungry, would you like to meet for lunch, we can talk more about vore and and get to know each other better, I really can't think on an empty stomach :|, want to come and pick me up?" Mark's heart is pulsating in an irregular way, he feels his soul dancing with excitement. Mark retorts with "that would be great, I'm really excited to meet you, where would you like to go to eat?" He gets the message "Your place ;), pick me up at the park where those statue chicks are dancing and spitting water"

*a ride to the park later*

Mark is sitting on the fountain edge waiting for a response to "I'm here next to the fountain, I'm the one with 'strawberry lemonade hair' & glasses" as he looks at his phone, he feels arms wrap around him and two very soft object against his arms "I hope you're Mark, otherwise this is very awkward" he looks over to find a light skinned Latina girl hugging him from the side, her beauty captivates him, green eyes with hints of grey, big lips, curves that would put racetracks to shame.

"Mark" he says to where it sounds like a question, she backs off blushing "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I..." She starts apologizing "No I'm Mark, you're Anna?" He says a little stunned, she smile with relief and leans against him again "That's me, before we go I have to make sure of something..." She says and waits for Mark to respond finally with "w-what would that be?" As he says this she gives a long lick to the side of his cheek, he blushes as she hums with enjoyment closing her eyes, Anna opens them licking her lips " passed the taste test we can go now, my treat" she says and they walk to the car.

*a drive home later*

Mark opens the car door and helps Anna out "you're delicious and a gentleman, it seems you're the full package, though I am going to be the full package as well, soon enough" she winks and pats her belly three times as they walk to the door he opens it, "Get Out!!!" A voice rings through the house, Anna jumps from the start and gets behind Mark, Edgar flys onto Mark's shoulder laughing "Edgar, apologize!" He says to the bird, who flies off screeching "Never". Anna looks at Mark and with a half grin says "any other 'roommates' I should know about?" He takes her to the backyard showing her the koi pond, he points to a "log" in the pond "Thats Sydney, and the catfish is called Red" he says Anna is confused about the "log", Mark sees this and gets a slab of meat from the cooler comes back and continually slaps it on the water. He hands the meat over to Anna and has her stand away from the water as the log reveals itself to be a giant caiman "this is Sydney..." Mark signals Sydney to open her mouth, then walks to Anna getting behind her and walking her to the reptile.

"M-mark?" She says cautiously, Mark smiles at Anna and slowly leads her hand down to the crocodilian's mouth, she lays the cut of meat in the entrance of teeth, Sydney waits to close her mouth until their hands are out of the way, then she chomps it down and swallows in a gulp. "Wow my type of girl..." Anna says smiling, her belly starts to growl and rumble, rubs it slowly "uhh I'm so hungry..." she says and places Mark's hand on her gurgling stomach, it gurgles under his hand, cheeks red, he was about to take his hand away until Anna places her hands on top of his and guiding his to rub her belly "see".

*a big cooking session later*

Mark lays a bowl angel hair pasta, a loaf garlic bread, a platter of shrimp a la carte, and a 2 lb lobster tail, Anna's eyes sparkle at the meal put in front of her. "Ah, forgot the drinks, you can go ahead and start, I'll be back in a second" Mark says to Anna, who gives him a thumbs up as she licks her lips. Mark goes into the kitchen get two glass soda bottles and returns, he finds however there is no food left on the table, just an empty bowl, platter, breadbasket, and lobster shell. A cute burp breaks the silence "...ugh...that was delicious Mark, what's next?" Anna asks, rubbing her belly which looked as though she's hiding a large portion of a watermelon under. Mark was so bewildered at what he was looking at that he couldn't get words out, Anna walked over to him, leaning as best she could on him, her belly sloshes as it rubs on him "mind showing me to a bed, it was a little filling" she says with a yawn.

Breaking his trance he gets the words out "of course" and he walks her to his bedroom, the house only consisted of one bed, and if Anna decided to sleep here for the night he'd take the couch in the living room. She sees the bed and plops down on it, belly up in the air, Mark blushes in the doorway as she leans up to look at him "I-if you need anything let me know, I'll be in the living room." He starts turning around but stops dead in his tracks as Anna exclaims "a belly rub would be nice".

His heart races with excitement and he turns around, his face is as red as a strawberry, and walks over to her. Anna lies down horizontal with the bed and pats next to her for Mark to relax while he's massaging. So he sits down next to her she pats right below her belly button saying "this is a sensitive spot, so..." She grabs his hand and makes it point, then circling the spot with Mark's finger "...make sure you get really thorough here" Anna releases his hand smiling with a hint of rose in her cheeks. Mark keeps his hand on the spot not moving, captivated by her again, only being snapped out of it by the sloshing in her stomach as Anna shifts in the bed. Mark starts rubbing her belly, kneading it to help cover the food in her fluids, massaging it to help her relax, as he rubs Anna’s sensitive spots she moans and coos with pleasure and content.

“Mark…” Anna gazes at him with eyes that grabs his heart and connects it to her own “Yes?” Anna reaches for his hands, giving them to her she pulls him down onto the bed and embraces him against her. “Can we cuddle tonight?” she asks with a sort of innocence and purity, Mark smiles and pulls up the covers over them “I wouldn't want it any other way.” She rests his head against her breasts and they fall asleep to the sound of a churning stomach.

To Be Continued
Anna XvX Mark - Sampling Love {I}
Anna leans against Mark, hungry with a rumbling belly. She kisses him on the head, sampling his taste {and teasing him} before sending him down.

Anna & Mark belongs to both CarnivorousCurves & TheOneWhoSketches

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Pin ups
Romantic Scenes
Maybe NSFWs {depends on what type}
-More to come later-
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Elderly or underage vore
Pony (nothing wrong with it just not my thing}
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-more to come later-


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